Amy Butler Blossom Bag

This was the pattern that I was most looking forward to, from Amy Butler’s Style Stitches book (and you can get the pattern for free from Sew Mama Sew!). Honestly, it’s the most innovative sewing pattern for a bag that I have ever seen. There are many details that I have not seen in any other… Read More


Giveaway! And SEW ALONG! Amy Butler

Just about everyone has a little bit of Amy Butler…a pattern, some fabric. Or if you don’t, you’ve probably at least heard of her. This sew along was originally supposed to be for the new Amy Butler Spice Market Tote, a great beginner-friendly pattern. But, I have decided to change it up a little bit.… Read More


Sewing Back-to-School: Inserting Zippers

This post is part of the Sewing Back-to-School series, 30 days of helpful sewing articles by guest bloggers. Feel free to check out the original Sewing Back-to-School post for schedule and previous posts! Bree is visiting today from My Crafty Crap. She’s just gone on blogger maternity leave after the birth of her beautiful little… Read More


Sew Alongs: Summer Calendar

Amanda Murphy ‘Blossoms’ quilt pattern This past April, I hosted a sew along for the Sis Boom Jamie Dress. Tons of you sewed along and made the dress (and some made more than one!!). I have a tentative schedule of more sew alongs that will be happening this summer on my blog. All sew alongs… Read More